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Orgasm's - the mind boggling experience.
Men and women - monogomy
Women causes the end to their relationships
People and the world

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Orgasm's - the mind boggling experience.
Women causes the end to their relationships
Men and women - monogomy
People and the world


Love and how we treat the ones we love. ove, relationship, dating, men and women
Monogomy, relationship, sex, one partner,
The wonderful experience of orgasms
Unhappiness, problems of the world, issues, technology and develpoment, humans, simple humans


February 2011

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Orgasm's - the mind boggling experience.

smiling pig funny pics - to make you smileI read earlier today a fun fact that female pigs has an orgasm for up to 30mins.
female pig funny pics- to make you smile
I know some females who may be jealous! Some cum more than once in one session, while some do not at all:-(. 
For those who have had orgasm or multiplte orgasms :) can agree orgasms is the most enjoyed experience/feeling in the world.
Some squeeze the sheet, grips onto the man's back with their nails sinking in, some climb walls, toes curl and so on ............
orgasm - shows happiness
What are your views and how do you react? (if you are wiling to share).

Men and women - monogomy

Man (most men!!) basically with nothing around it, no strings attached loves women and is helpless when it comes to nice sweet sexy and beautiful ladies and this by far is the reason we are not monogomous.
Women on the other hand I think is the same but is more in control and has this marrage syndrome that tend to drive wanting one man, but sneeks around like a snake.
True? let me no what you think.
vacation to release stress - maintaining happinessadvice giving with a smile

Women causes the end to their relationships

Love and relationships- happinessFrom my perspective a woman causes their relationships to end most of the time, lets say 70% - 80% of the time. A man could care less, the woman has most of the issue.

People and the world

Smiling faces of people - showing happinessDo think our intelligence as we know it or our advancements has made people useless, evil and have left the people of the world in an coninuous unhappy phases and everything would have been better with less of our intervention with the natural way of living.
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